Nissan Turns Kids’ Drawings of Cars into Professional Concept Renderings

Every little car guy's dream.

Children don’t expect their, what are in the most part, crappy drawings of cars to ever be taken seriously. But in celebrating Children’s Day that’s exactly what Nissan Brazil did. Parents working for the firm were asked to submit pictures drawn by their kids. Apparently Nissan Brazil is a pretty serious outfit, because it then judged the pictures, picking three winners and an honorable mention, whose creative imaginings were transformed into professional sketches by Nissan Design America Rio.

The results are surprisingly awesome. Speaking of the unique initiative, Nissan Design America Rio designer-in-chief Robert Bauer said: "The joy of working with children is the opportunity to deal with freedom from all restrictions. There are no limits when it comes to the kids' imagination." He added, "It was wonderful to share our studio with them because they are our future, and they create worlds adults could never imagine. It is an experience that brings us energy and makes us rethink our concepts."

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