Nissan Unveils Latest Weird Le Mans Prototype

Just in case the Delta Wing wasn't odd enough for you.

Those who followed Nissan’s Delta Wing project were treated to the exploits of what is probably the oddest-looking race car of the modern era. The car hoped to demonstrate that extreme weight saving and aerodynamics can be a suitable substitute for huge amounts of power. Although the car has yet to revolutionize auto racing, it is an interesting idea, and this year, Nissan plans to add another element to the project with the ZEOD RC that just unveiled in Japan after being introduced earlier this year.

The “ZEOD” in the car’s name stands for “Zero Emissions On Demand”, which is Nissan code speak for plug-in hybrid. The car uses a body similar to that of the Delta Wing, but with some changes including a closed cockpit. The electric drivetrain is actually closely related to one found in the Leaf, but with the addition of a small gasoline engine to charge the battery. The car will race at Le Mans, but as an experimental vehicle, which essentially means that it won’t be counted in the official race results.

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