Nissan Wants The Next GT-R To Drive You Around The Nurburgring


None of that boring stuff like other automakers.

Automakers are currently engaged in a war to create new autonomous technology, as well as vehicles that have autonomous capabilities. Nissan and its partner Renault recently announced its plans to introduce 10 autonomous vehicles by 2020, which isn't a huge surprise. What is surprising is that the automaker plans to introduce the technology onto its entire range, which includes the incredible Nissan GT-R. Autonomous technology on a supercar? Is Nissan going crazy with its autonomous ideas?


In a recent interview with Nissan's head of Advanced Product Strategy Richard Candler, Top Gear found out that the automaker will reveal its autonomous technology in three stages, which range from lane-keeping assist to a system that can navigate around junctions and traffic lights. Candler was keep to point out that the technology would be revealed on a vehicle for the masses and not on an expensive stand-alone model. "The main cars in Europe will take this technology," Candler told Top Gear. "My personal target is to get this onto as many of our cars as possible, to the point where by 2020, you may be on the road in a Micro that can drive itself."

Unlike other automakers, Nissan doesn't want to take away the driver for good, but to give drivers more time to actually enjoy driving. "The advantage and direction we've taken is we can put this type of technology on cars to take over those boring tasks, the ones that no one enjoys," stated Candler. "Take them away and it allows you more time to enjoy driving." Now that sounds like the perfect use of autonomous technology to us, but Nissan won't stop there. The automaker plans to give the GT-R autonomous technology for even more fun. "One of the things I like to think about is turning up to the Nurburgring in your GT-R and being able to select one of the famous laps and the car just taking over." Sounds good to us.

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