Nissan Will Sell Only Electric Vehicles In Ten Years From Now

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Carbon neutrality is the goal.

Electrification is the future. Within two years, sales of EVs may even dwarf those of diesel-powered vehicles. Every major brand has committed to the change. Volkswagen has changed its logo to indicate this and Hyundai has created the Ioniq sub-brand. Nissan also changed its logo to represent a greater focus on electrified vehicles and sustainability, but instead of simply offering more electric vehicles alongside its more traditional offerings, the Japanese brand has now announced that all of the brand's "new vehicle offerings" in key markets will be electrified by the early 2030s. The motivation behind this focused shift towards electric mobility is Nissan's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Charge Port Nissan
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So which are these key markets? Japan, China, the United States, and Europe are where most of the automaker's focus lies, but other markets will have to follow suit shortly thereafter for the Japanese brand to achieve its goals. This is an interesting goal, as it essentially excludes many of the brand's third-world markets from buying Nissan products if they don't have the infrastructure to support electrified vehicles by then. In addition, most of these other markets are big buyers of pickups and basic sedans and hatches, so a big portion of Nissan's revenue stream could be in jeopardy.

Nevertheless, it's the right move. Tesla is the most valuable automaker in the world despite vastly lower sales volumes than Nissan, and if Nissan gets its foot in the door in those aforementioned key markets early, it'll have a big slice of the pie to capitalize on.

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The downside for enthusiasts is that the Nissan Leaf as we know it is now arguably more important to Nissan than the GT-R. That being said, it would be a massive missed opportunity if Nissan didn't one day make an electric or hybrid super sports car, and we're sure that just such a thing will be in the works soon if it isn't already. This makes sense since Nissan is also said to have mentioned the further pursuit of battery innovations like solid-state batteries and its e-POWER hybrid tech. Knowing how well Japanese automakers adapt and refine technology, we have no doubt that Nissan will turn electrification into something even more impressive than it is today.

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2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Front View
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Rear View Driving
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Charge Port
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