Nissan Will Launch 19 New EVs In The Next 7 Years

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Along with another EIGHT additional "electrified" models.

Nissan has just announced major changes to its Nissan Ambition 2030 plan, which was originally announced back in 2021. The plan called for 23 new electrified vehicles (including 15 BEVs) by the year 2030. "In response to changes in customer needs and the business environment, Nissan has revised its plan to further accelerate electrification," the company said in a press release.

The new plan is to release 27 electrified models (including 19 BEVs) by 2030. Nissan didn't shed any more light on which models will be introduced in that timeframe, but we can make some guesses based on past announcements. It's important to remember that this is a global announcement, so not all of the 27 cars and 19 EVs will be sold in the United States.


As part of its increased electrification goals, the Nissan and Infiniti brands are projected to be 55% electrified globally, up from the previous 50% estimate. Of course, these projections vary wildly depending on the specific market. Europe, for example, will be 98% electrified (up from a 75% prediction) by 2026. The transition will be slower in the US, which is only expected to be 40% electrified in that span but is projected to reach 100% electrification just four years later in 2030.

Nissan's home market of Japan will be 58% electrified by 2026, and China will only reach 35%.

"To address rapid market changes in China, in 2024, Nissan plans to launch an EV designed specifically for the market. In Europe, Nissan will continue its robust electrification plans and will also explore stronger collaboration with the Alliance."

That means we could see new Nissan models based on Renault and Mitsubishi platforms.


Focusing on the US, we can only speculate on two EVs that we know will be produced and sold locally. Nissan recently invested $500 million in Mississippi's Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant to build two EV models, one for the Nissan brand and the other for Infiniti. The Nissan version could be a replacement for the Maxima sedan, which is set to be retired this year. We'd love to see the 2023 Nissan Ariya dual-motor drivetrain with 389 horsepower in an electric Maxima.

As for the Infiniti, it could be closely related to the Nissan product, meaning a luxury sedan to replace the aging Q50, or it could be a completely different body style. CarBuzz recently had a chance to speak with Infiniti's Senior Director of Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Operations, but he did not confirm if the two Canton-built vehicles would be the same type of vehicle.

Hopefully, there will be room for a sports car somewhere along the line, possibly one based on the Max-Out concept.

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