Nissan Xterra Is Going To Every National Park With A Hole In The Roof

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Enoch cut a hole in his Xterra. Now, he lives in it.

Overlanding is big business these days. During the pandemic in 2020, it was one of the few ways we Americans were able to "escape" from the rigors of lockdown and countless closures. Since then, the activity has only gained momentum.

Having a car that can get you out there, keep you out there, and go anywhere is a tough chord to strike. This is one man's attempt, a Nissan Xterra with a hole in the roof. That's because it's probably the only pop-top Xterra in the world, and it'll explore every corner of the Americas by visiting every national park in the US and Mexico.


The car is owned by a couple that goes by "MoLeisureXventures" on Instagram. The YouTube video above details the process, which was a rather involved one. The tent has apparently been welded onto the body, so that hole in the roof shouldn't result in a massive loss in structural rigidity, an important aspect of any off-roader or sports car.

In order to get the tent situation where it is, Enoch, the owner, modified a roof tent in addition to the Xterra's roof. He cut the roof away, from just behind the front seats all the way to the rear liftgate. This was done to give access to the storage and cooking solutions below.

On top of the roof mods, the car now has a subfloor with storage in addition to a workbench, a small kitchen, and a sink where the rear seats used to be. Enoch also has new custom Koni shocks at all four corners. The rig also benefits from new upper control arms and parabolic leaf springs in the back.

Additionally, there's a set of aluminum skid plates, which Enoch said he used in order to keep weight down. Of course, the car also has a snorkle for water crossings and desert adventuring. Of course, Enoch has got a nice set of off-road wheels and tires on the Xterra as well.


Enoch and his partner, Delia, have been on the road for over two years now. To sleep in the tent portion of the car, the new "roof" is bisected. All you have to do is climb up onto one half and then lower the other half, shutting off the car below.

Right now, the parks count stands at 52/63 in America, with only two Mexican parks knocked off the list. It'll be a load of work, but doing so is surely something many people considered doing during lockdown.


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