Nissan Z Nismo Allegedly Arriving In 2023

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Hotter versions of the Toyota GR Supra rival are coming.

In base form, the Nissan Z provides plenty of bang for your buck with a starting price of under $40,000 and a 400-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 as standard. Although hardly lacking in performance, something even more exciting is on the horizon.

A report from Japan suggests that a new Nissan Z Nismo is coming next year to take its place at the top of the range with more power, better handling, a bolder design, and a much higher price tag. Once dealerships have applied their insane markups, this could be the most expensive Z car ever.

With Toyota not selling a truly high-performance GR Supra above the six-cylinder models, the Z Nismo could be another feather in Nissan's cap.


The Japanese publication known as Best Car Web suggests that the new Z Nismo could evolve from the Z Customized Proto concept that was revealed at the beginning of this year. That model had a number of visual changes like wider wheel arches and a narrower front grille, but it retained the same twin-turbo V6.

Best Car Web referenced a customized prototype that was registered with the Japan patent office which has many of the same styling details as the Z Customized Proto. A unique tune is expected to raise outputs of the Nismo's V6; in the case of the defunct 370Z, that V6 produced almost 20 hp more in Nismo form.


Another clue as to what the new Nismo could look like will come tomorrow when Nissan unveils the GT4 Nismo race car. Nissan Japan teased this very model on Twitter this week sporting a large rear wing, various body decals, and vents in the hood. This GT4-spec model will be more extreme than the roadgoing Z Nismo, though.

To go along with the more powerful V6, the Japanese publication suggested that the new Z Nismo will have stronger brakes, larger 20-inch wheels, a retuned suspension, and Yamaha performance dampers. The engine bay will receive a strut tower bar, and other braces will be found around the car.

Naturally, the interior of the range-topping Z car will be upgraded as well. Here, expect to find sportier meters with red rings, red stitching, and Recaro sports seats. The steering wheel will be finished in a mix of Alcantara and leather.


Best Car Web has suggested that the new Z Nismo will be released in summer 2023 but admits that delays that have affected the current Nissan Z could push this timeline back.

What about the price? The publication quoted an amount of between eight and nine million yen. That translates to around $55,000 to $62,000 at current rates, which doesn't sound unfeasible considering that the previous 370Z Nismo started at just over $45,000. For reference, a Z Proto Spec costs $52,990, but, as we mentioned, dealer markups on the sports car have been brutal.

Hopefully, Nissan sheds more light on its powerful sports car soon.

Source Credits: Best Car Web

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