Nissan Z Proto Teased One Last Time

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The Nissan will finally preview its new Z car tomorrow.

The wait is nearly over. Tomorrow, Nissan will present the new Z Proto previewing the long-overdue replacement for the 370Z, which will reportedly be called the 400Z. Nissan has already released several teasers over the last few weeks to get us excited, and now this final teaser image previews the Z Proto's face.

This will most likely be our last look at Nissan's new sports car before the big reveal. While the design details are hidden in shadows, the teaser previews the sports car's width and provides a clear look at the round LED headlights inspired by the 240Z.

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The design of the taillights, on the other hand, will borrow cues from the 350Z and 300ZX. From the profile, the Z Proto will resemble the 240Z with its long hood and sloping roofline, while the grille appears to be an evolution of the current grille fitted to the 370Z.

Technical details are still being kept under wraps, but recent teasers have hinted the Nissan Z Proto will have a manual transmission. When it enters production, the new Z car is expected to use an updated version of the same platform underpinning the current 370Z.

Under the hood, Nissan's new sports car is expected to utilize a turbocharged V6 engine producing around 400 horsepower, likely the same one used in the Infiniti Q60.

YouTube/Nissan YouTube/Nissan YouTube/Nissan

This would be a welcome improvement over the 370Z, which uses a 3.7-liter V6 generating 332 hp and 270 lb-ft. We still don't know if the car being shown will be a concept or a near-final production prototype, but all will be revealed when the Nissan Z Proto debuts during an online event on September 15, 20:30 eastern time.

It could be a long wait for the 400Z, however, as the final production car isn't expected to debut until 2022 and go on sale in 2023. Let's hope it's worth the agonizingly long wait because the 370Z has been on sale for over a decade now.

YouTube/Nissan YouTube/Nissan YouTube/Nissan

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