Nissan Z's Base Price Will Give Toyota Supra Nightmares

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The 2.0-liter Supra starts at $43k.

The Nissan Z has finally arrived, and although it's not entirely new in every respect, we're in love. With 400 horsepower, the standard inclusion of a stick shift, and power going to the rear wheels, it's everything we could ever want from an affordable sports car. The only issue that remains is that of the actual affordability. While the Toyota Supra is available with a 2.0-liter engine that makes its base price $43,090, the Nissan Z is only available with one engine, a twin-turbo V6 comparable to that found in the $51k GR Supra 3.0. So does that mean the Z will be similarly priced and will cost $50k too? The good news is that the answer is a resounding no, and the Z could undercut even the base Supra.

According to the above tweet from Dan Passe the regular Nissan Z will start at around $40k. Dan might know what he's talking about too, since his Twitter bio indicates that he's the "Nissan PR guy", so when he says that, it carries some weight. As mentioned above, the Supra starts at $43k, so if Nissan can bring the Z in under that amount, the rivalry could be entirely one-sided.

As a reminder, the Nissan Z will be offered in two trims: Sport and Performance. The latter adds bigger brakes with red calipers and lightweight forged wheels from RAYS in 19-inch Bridgestone rubber while the former gets 18s wrapped in Yokohama tires as standard. The Performance model also adds a mechanical limited-slip differential, a Bose sound system, and heated front seats.

2023 Nissan Z Front-End Bumper Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Rear-Facing View Nissan

That $40k pricing estimate makes it cheaper than the Audi TTS ($59,500) and even the vanilla, regular TT ($49,800). Few other cars in this price bracket come close to offering the style and performance that the Nissan Z will and some comparative shopping will almost certainly lead the sports car enthusiast back to the Z. The biggest challenge to the Z at this price will be American sports cars like the Mustang, as a V8-powered GT Fastback with 460 hp starts at $36,285. But against more premium opposition that the Z will be aiming for, it looks like great value for money, and with plenty of customization options and loads of standard features to go with a great RWD setup, we're sure to see loads of these on our roads very soon.

2023 Nissan Z Front Angle View Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Side View Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Aft View Nissan

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2023 Nissan Z Aft View
2023 Nissan Z Side View
2023 Nissan Z Rear-Facing View
2023 Nissan Z Front-End Bumper
2023 Nissan Z Front Angle View

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