Nissan's Design Boss Teases New 400Z

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Excitement is at an all-time high.

We, along with most Nissan fans, have been pining for a successor to the Nissan 370Z and the news that a new model would finally be coming was music to our ears. While some may be content to have the 370Z for the first time, we've been following the news with diligence, waiting for more information on Nissan's all-new rival to the Toyota Supra. Thanks to a new teaser video from Japan, we know that the new model will finally be revealed this month. We've also been keeping an eye on the work of various visual artists who have drawn renders of the new model, but now Nissan's design boss has teased us with a sketch.


Alfonso Albaisa is the man who penned the new Z and posted the above image with a caption indicating how much this car means to him and his boss on a personal level. The post essentially says that the aim for the new car - which we expect will be called the 400Z - will be not only to provide an engaging driving experience but also to create a stunning visual effect that will stick with onlookers for decades to come. The new Z car must be something visually arresting if it is to enjoy just some of the success that its early forefathers achieved.

New Nissan Z

Unfortunately, the sketch is rather vague, but it does tell us that a recent render isn't quite perfect. Instead of a single cluster of lights at each end of the rear of the car, it seems that the 400Z, if that is indeed the new car's name, will feature a stepped cluster of lights, with the inner cluster presumably handling reverse lights and rear fog lights. A badge with the famous Z will also be appearing behind the windows just after the B-pillar, while a vertical door handle will again be a trademark feature. Our excitement for the new model is thus greater than ever - let's hope it lives up to expectations in every way - especially styling.

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