Nissan's Electric Cars Will All Be $7,500 Cheaper By 2026

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And it's planning four new ones all built on American soil.

Nissan is ready to answer the Inflation Reduction Act's (IRA) demands on EV manufacturers and has claimed that by 2026, it will build four EVs in America that will be fully eligible for the $7,500 EV tax credit.

Yesterday, the Japanese automaker announced a revised EV strategy that would increase the number of BEVs it builds globally from 15 to 19 due to demand. But Automotive News reports that Nissan is committed to building several of these in the United States in full compliance with the IRA's provisions, enabling buyers to qualify for the full $7,500 tax rebate.

"We as Nissan are confident that we will be complying for IRA with localization starting in CY 2026," said Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta said during a briefing about electrified vehicle strategy.

As part of this legislation, an EV must be built in North America and contain a certain percentage of localized battery components to qualify for a credit. The 2023 Nissan Leaf qualifies under the current, less strict rules because it's built in Smyrna, Tennessee, but the Japanese-built Nissan Ariya does not.

2023 Nissan Ariya Front Angle View CarBuzz
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Ariya production is likely to stay in Japan, but Nissan has several upcoming BEVs set to be built at its plant in Canton, Mississippi, which just received a $500 million investment. Four EVs will be made here, including two previously teased sedan models and two crossovers. All four should qualify for tax credits.

These models will be built for both the Nissan and Infiniti brands.

We believe the sedans will be electric replacements for the Nissan Maxima and Infiniti Q50, while one of the crossovers will be a successor to the Leaf. As for the second crossover, it will likely be an Infiniti, possibly the QX65 that was recently trademarked.

2023 Nissan Ariya Dashboard CarBuzz
2018-2023 Nissan Leaf Charge Port Nissan

Part of the plan to qualify for tax credits involves converting the Decherd, Tennessee, engine plant to make EV units. Previously, this plant built engines for Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz before it was shut down last year.

Nissan currently imports the Leaf's powertrain from Japan for final assembly in Smyrna, but the change may involve getting batteries from a new supplier with a localized mineral supply. "IRA is challenging, but on the other side, it's an opportunity to accelerate the competitive electrification," said Gupta. "The question is how we manage that transition to full localization."

2018-2023 Nissan Leaf Front Angle View Nissan
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2023 Nissan Ariya Front Angle View
2023 Nissan Ariya Side View
2023 Nissan Ariya Dashboard
2018-2023 Nissan Leaf Charge Port

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