Nissan's Most Exciting Car In Years Has Been Delayed

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A combination of the chip shortage and the pandemic is to blame.

Ever since we set eyes on the Nissan Ariya, we had high hopes for this electric crossover. Range and performance figures aside, it is simply one of the most stylish vehicles in its class to look at, a fact that was proven when it appeared in public for the first time a few days ago. We think it's quite a bit more interesting to look at than the Volkswagen ID.4 and Tesla Model Y. Unfortunately, the Ariya has hit a bit of a snag. Yes, the dreaded global chip shortage has now also impacted the Airya EV and the ongoing pandemic is partially to blame as well. But how bad is the delay?

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According to a report by Reuters, the rollout of the new Nissan Ariya in Japan has been pushed back to "this winter". That was the statement from executive vice president Asako Hoshino. "Sales in the United States and Europe will typically come around two months later," said Hoshino. Sadly, this means that North America customers may have to wait until the second quarter of 2022 to get behind the wheel of the Ariya. That's disappointing news but perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. In mid-May, Nissan reported that the chip shortage will affect the production of 500,000 vehicles this year.

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Half a million cars affected is a huge concern for Nissan considering that the company sold just 285,553 cars in the USA in the first quarter of this year. Following the hugely successful but dated Leaf, the Ariya is Nissan's first all-new EV in a long time. Along with the futuristic styling and high-tech cabin, the most powerful Ariya will produce 388 horsepower while a range of around 300 miles with the bigger battery option will be possible. Both front- and all-wheel-drive derivatives will be on offer along with Nissan's suite of driver-assist gear like forward collision warning and a surround-view camera system. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a bit longer to enjoy all the benefits of the Ariya.

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