Nissan's Next EV Project Will Surprise No One

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First a hatchback, then a compact SUV, and next is...

When the all-new 2022 Nissan Ariya was revealed earlier this month, the automaker heavily hinted this all-electric compact SUV was just the beginning of a whole new EV era. Given Nissan's current financial status (it's not great) and desperate need for more redesigned models in general (the new Rogue is a good start), moving towards electrification might at first seem like too big a step but the reality is there's no choice. Automakers are racing to launch electric vehicles and if Nissan doesn't do the same it'll be left behind permanently. Compared to the Nissan Leaf hatchback, the Ariya is a far more attractive-looking vehicle, so wouldn't it make sense to continue on Nissan EV SUV path?

Absolutely, and a new report from Autocar claims Nissan intends to launch a larger SUV for its next EV.

Front Angle View Nissan
Side View Nissan
Rear Angle View Nissan
Forward View Nissan

Now, it's important to remember the Ariya's also new architecture, internally called CMF-EV, features a modular design and was built only for electric vehicles. Like Volkswagen's MEB platform, which underpins the upcoming ID.4 and Audi Q4 e-tron, CMF-EV can be stretched if needed.

The head of Nissan's European EV division, Helen Perry, stated that "The platform will be used for other cars in the future. The C-SUV and D-SUV segments are due to grow about 300 percent over the next three years, so we will look to use the platform in growth segments in the next few years."

For reference, the D-SUV segment consists of large SUVs, and it wouldn't be difficult at all for Nissan to do something bigger than the Ariya.

Central Console Nissan
Front Seats Nissan
Rear Passenger Seats Nissan
Maximum Trunk Space Nissan
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Perry wouldn't divulge additional details, such as whether Nissan's larger electric SUV will have three rows of seats, the launch date of a new model, or range estimates, but given that the Ariya will offer up to 300 miles on a single full charge, don't expect a lower figure.

Assuming all goes well with the Ariya's targeted market launch sometime next year, we could be seeing its bigger sibling sometime in 2023. This would make sense because Nissan previously pledged that 50 percent of its lineup will be electrified by that year.

2018-2020 Nissan Leaf Side View Nissan
2018-2020 Nissan Leaf Rear View Driving Nissan
2018-2020 Nissan Leaf Dashboard Nissan
Source Credits: Autocar
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