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Nitrous Corvette Z06 Battles R35 Nissan GT-R

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That nitrous is essential for the C5 Z06 to keep up with the supercar killer.

The 2104 R35 Nissan GT-R in this particular match-up comes with stock turbos, AMS race front mount intercooler, an ETS 4-inch titanium exhaust and runs on E85 fuel. It's nemesis in the street battle is a C5 Corvette Z06 tuned with new intakes and a full exhaust. There's no mention of performance but when stock the GT-R is a 545-hp accelerating animal, taking just 2.8 seconds to go from zero to 62 mph.

A stock C5 Z06 would be over one second slower in completing the century sprint, but this thing has a 125 Nitrous shot to help it keep up with Godzilla.

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