No Big Shock Here, The Ferrari FXX K Looks and Sounds Awesome on the Track

And only a very small handful of individuals will be able to experience it.

Not only is the Ferrari FXX K wicked fast around the Fiorano test track (1:14 to be exact), but also was the speed in which all planned examples have been sold. Production will be limited to probably 32 units (definitely no more than 40) at a price of about $3.07 million. Ferrari claims that "clients from all over the world have bought the FXX K, and starting with the next season, you will start to see the FXX K on the track." But today we’ve received a video of the FXX K in action at the 2014 Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi.

As a quick comparison, the FXX K is a full five seconds faster around Fiorano than the LaFerrari. It’s also nearly 200 pounds lighter. And like its FXX predecessor, it’s built for track use only. Note the other greats it’s sharing the track with here.

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