No Brainer: Toyota Needs to Build the FT-1

And name it the Supra while they're at it.

The Toyota FT-1 Concept is kind of a big deal. Not only does it preview what could very well be a new Supra, it’s also the first result of the automaker’s new partnership with BMW. The two previously signed an agreement to jointly develop a new sports car platform that could underpin a variety of new Bimmers and Toyotas in the coming years. And obviously Toyota was the first to make use of the platform, at least in prototype/concept form.

Although the FT-1 Concept features that dramatic front end sculpting that’s a bit polarizing, to say the least, it won’t be difficult at all to send this thing to production. That’s exactly what Toyota needs to do. Just build it. Do whatever it takes and fight for it when up against all those Camry/Corolla loving, suit-wearing execs who never liked the old Supras to begin with. The FT-1 is proof that Toyota has a pair after all.

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