No, Cadillac Won't Drop the Escalade Name

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A winner is a winner, after all.

Only last week did Cadillac drop something of a bombshell: Not only will it be packing its bags and moving its HQ from Detroit to New York City, it also plans to change its entire future model nomenclature, beginning with its upcoming flagship, the CT6. Names like ATS and CTS will eventually give way to CT...(insert number). It's a simplified naming scheme taken directly from German rivals like Audi and BMW. But that announcement also had many wondering what will be in store for the Escalade name.

The big SUV itself will not – we repeat – not be discontinued anytime soon. It's a huge money maker, but will Cadillac rebrand it? The answer is no. According to a report from Road & Track, the Escalade's product manager confirmed that the name will stick: "Escalade remains. No reason to mess with it." Cadillac is essentially hitting the CTRL-ALT-Delete button these days, working to fix issues that need to be resolved fast if it wants to become the global luxury brand it's dying to be. But the Escalade will stick around, both in name and SUV stature.

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