No CLA Wagon for Crossover Loving Americans

Unless you live in Europe, the CLA Shooting Brake won't be available.

Mercedes-Benz is currently charting some new territory with its all-new CLA-Class, a front-wheel-drive luxury four-door coupe that carries a base price of just under $30,000. The goal is to lure away Ford Fusion, Acura TSX and even Golf GTI buyers into something with that famous Mercedes Silver Star logo. Just as CLA sales get underway, we’re hearing that Mercedes is planning on launching a Shooting Brake variant, or in American speak, a wagon.

However, and this is when the news gets a bit sad, the CLA Shooting Brake will be for Europe only. Why? Because Mercedes and pretty much every other automaker, is convinced that Americans are finished with wagons. They prefer crossovers instead. No word yet on when the CLA Shooting Brake will hit the market overseas, but once again the small, yet loyal, bunch of US wagon enthusiasts are going to be deprived of something great.

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