No Guarantee Of A Volkswagen Golf R For The US

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Good thing VW fans are used to disappointment by now.

Fans of nearly every kind of car see something sold in some market somewhere in the world that they wish would come over to the US but won't. Even fans of V8s and American brands probably have an Australian-market model that they lust after. Well, this feeling is nothing new for VW fans. There have been plenty of cool models over the years which haven't made it across the pond, and it seems like the fastest Golf ever made could be joining that list.

The Golf R will be debuting in its final production version this month at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but Volkswagen USA has not confirmed that a US version is planned. The problem, as is often the case in these situations, is that of exchange rates. The price, if the car were to come over as-is, would be in the neighborhood of $50,000, and this just isn't a price that VW thinks Americans would pay for a Golf. A slightly cheaper US version could possibly be coming in 2014 or 2015, but for now, you probably shouldn't get your hopes up for a 4.9-second 0-62 time in a Golf.

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