No Hoverboard? MINI Thinks It Has The Next Best Thing

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Just in time for the end of summer.

While some automakers are becoming involved with futuristic projects like Lexus' insane hoverboard, Mini didn't want to be left behind and has released images and details regarding its own board project. But to keep things more simple, the company has chosen to focus on the present. "The Mini", developed in collaboration with Channel Island Surfboards, is a miniature surfboard that's supposed to reflect Mini's cars and the company's character: the carmaker says it offers a versatile design that performs well under a wide range of conditions.

To ensure that, the Mini offers an "ultra-relaxed rocker, wider nose, wider squash tail, thinned rails, and aggressive single to double concave with vee out the tail". Just like the company's cars, the board can be customized and is available in a wide range of color combinations. At $894, it's probably cheaper than most options and accessories you could add on to anything in the company's lineup.

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