No Joke: Guy Jumps Over Lamborghini at 80 MPH

Despite having massive lead weights for balls, this guy managed to jump over a speeding Gallardo.

By his own admission Swedish athlete ‘Al the Jumper’ has a massive pair of testicles – so massive in fact we’re surprised his legs are strong enough to get them up and over the Lamborghini Gallardo. One of the most impressive stunts we’ve ever seen, watch as he stands facing the speeding supercar before timing his jump to perfection with the Gallardo passing underneath him at 80 mph. Immense power, perfect timing and nerves of steel are required to pull off such an incredible feat.

Yet the car jumper has something even more ambitious planned. He wants to go down in the history books as the craziest jumper of all time by being the first person to leap over two speeding cars simultaneously. Whether he pulls that off or not, he won't be remembered as anything else.

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