No Matter What, The Tesla Model S Will Always Kick The Model 3's Ass

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That is until the new Roadster arrives.

Last week we learned Tesla was so confident with the upcoming Model 3 that it's skipping beta testing and going straight to pre-production testing. But with all of the hyper surrounding the affordable Model 3, should we be wondering whether it'll upstage the larger and more expensive Model S sedan performance wise? Nope. In a series of tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, he confirmed that the "Model 3 is just a smaller, more affordable version of the Model S w/less range & power & fewer features. Model S has more advanced technology."

What's more, Musk also put the rumor to rest the "Model 3 is the 'next version' of a Tesla, like iPhone 2 vs 3. This is not true." Musk essentially wanted to eliminate any misunderstandings that the Model 3 will be the company's new flagship. That job, for the moment, belongs to the Model S. However, Musk added that the "Model S will always be the fastest Tesla until next gen Roadster, which is a few years away." And if you think Musk is addicted to Twitter like President Trump, then you're right. He is, but not quite in the same way. He just tweeted a brief video of "a first release version Model 3." (the black car). We're guessing that's not "fake news."

The Model 3 you're looking at, at least from the outside, is what the production version will look like. Honestly, it still looks nearly identical to last year's concept. As for the interior, all we know is that'll look completely different from those of the Model S and Model X, with a more minimalist layout.

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