No More V6 For Mazda; Rotary and SkyActiv Development To Continue

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The rotary will remain a part of Mazda even though the V6 may not.

Not everyone may be aware of this, but Mazda is currently having financial problems. Ever since Ford sold their stake in the Japanese automaker, which at its peak was some 20 percent (it's now down to three), cash has been an issue. Basically, Mazda needs an alliance with another major automaker badly - and soon. Supposedly, something is in the works but until then, business must go on.

In a new report coming from Car and Driver, Mazda's senior vice president of U.S. Operations, Robert Davis, states that SkyActiv engines are very much in the company's future. Development will also continue on a new rotary engine. Going even further, Davis explained that it's possible for a revived rotary engine to exist within a SkyActiv-based lineup. For example, many technologies will be shared between the two engine types such as reduced internal friction and rotating mass and more-efficient transmissions. In addition, Davis stated that Mazda is NOT developing a SkyActiv V6.

Instead, they will continue to focus on pumping out as much power as possible using four cylinders along with the new rotary. In other words, the upcoming redesigned 6 sedan will be powered by a four pot (a hybrid will also likely come at a later date). Even the next-generation CX-9 will have a four-cylinder. However, there won't be a replacement for the CX-7; the new (and smaller) CX-5 will have to fill its role and help close the gap between it and the CX-9. With a new and lighter MX-5 Miata just around the corner, Mazda clearly has some big technological plans. Let's just hope they'll have enough money to make it all happen.

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