No Need To Be A Jerk When Pranking Girls With Supercars

This guy is a real gentleman.

So most car fans with an internet connection have probably stumbled across numerous so-called pranks that people like to pull with supercars. One of the most popular form of these pranks is the "Gold Digger Prank." The typical chain of events in these typically goes something like this: Guy approaches girl and attempts to get her number. Guy gets rejected by girl. Guy unlocks a nearby supercar and attempts to get the girl’s number again. Girl agrees. Guy tells girl to get lost because she’s a "gold digger" and then drives away in his rented supercar.

In our opinion, these gold digger pranks are often pretty cheesy and the formula has become stale after being repeated so many times. However, the guy in this video has a different approach that impressed us. He also recently pulled a hilarious prank on his girlfriend that we loved. Here’s how to prank girls with a supercar like a gentleman.

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