No Sh**: Aston Martin Seriously Considering A Street-Legal Vulcan

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Who saw this one coming?

Wow, who saw this one coming? Aston Martin has barely finished introducing the world to its track-only Vulcan and already the company is considering creating a street-legal version. The news comes to us courtesy of an interview the automaker's product manager, Simon Croft, gave to De Telegraaf. Croft says that customer demand is driving the idea. Evidently people don't want to spend $2.3 million for a car they can only take out on the track.

But wait, don't a few automakers sell track-only supercars for around the same price? The answer, of course, is yes. However, these cars are based off of existing models whereas the Vulcan is original from the ground up and designed for the track, not road. That means Aston Martin would have to do some serious work to get its ultra-exclusive supercar ready for the streets. Only 24 Vulcans will be available and if all of the buyers inquire about a road-legal version, well, money talks. For what it's worth we say the world needs Vulcans on its streets and race tracks.

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