No Surprise Here: The BMW M4 GTS Is Going To Cost A Sh-t Load Of Money

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Here's how much Germans will have to pay.

The BMW M4 GTS broke cover recently, and damn is it impressive. There's a ton of power and cutting-edge tech under the hood that we knew wouldn't come cheap. We now have an idea as to just how much this all will cost. BMW Blog is reporting that the M4 GTS has been priced at €142,600, or $161,972, in Germany. It's BMW's most expensive car ever, barely edging out the i8's $138,000 price tag. Only 700 are being made and 300 of those are headed to the US. There's still no word on what Americans will have to pay.

Pricing in America is a bit tricky to predict. Germany (the only price point so far) will have fewer models than the US, so that could raise prices there. The M4 GTS is road-legal so that helps its case since BMW isn't asking drivers to shell out a ton of cash for a car they can only take to the track. This price sounds fair given the exclusivity and performance. And by "fair" we of course mean fair for rich people.

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