No, The New Ford F-150 Won't Debut On June 19

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But it's coming soon.

It's coming: an all-new version of the best-selling Ford F-150 pickup truck. And while the redesigned truck seems poised to be more evolutionary than revolutionary, representing a far smaller leap forward than, say, when Ford gave its full-size pickup a lightweight aluminum body, truck fans are nonetheless understandably psyched.

But earlier, we came across a rumor doing the rounds that originated on the F150Gen14 forum alleging the new truck will be revealed in full to the public on June 19, several days after members of the press get to see the truck at a special sneak-preview event. However, that is untrue - unfortunately.


The truth is far less interesting: that we don't honestly know when the 2021 Ford F-150 is set to be revealed. Some info about the new fourteenth-generation truck is expected to come out as soon as next week, but a spokesperson with Ford told us rather categorically that June 19 "actually isn't the correct date."

The canceled Detroit North American International Auto Show would have been an ideal time to unveil Ford's next-generation breadwinner, which is both America's best selling truck, and America's best selling vehicle, period. With the new F-150 is going to be a hybrid version, as well as an all-electric version that will compete with the likes of the Rivian R1T and the Tesla Cybertruck.


But the good news is that we don't suspect the Ford F-150's actual reveal date will be too far off from June 19, because if there's one product that Ford can't afford to delay, it's the F-150 - a truck that virtually prints money for the automaker. That's especially true now as the pandemic hampers business for an already beleaguered company that's lost several billion over the past two quarters, and still finds itself deep in the woods.

At any rate, the 2021 F-150 reveal is sure to be just around the corner. We're just waiting on officially when that is.

2017-2018 Ford F-150 Raptor In Motion Ford
2018 Ford F-150 SuperCab Front View Driving Ford

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2018 Ford F-150 SuperCab Front View Driving
2017-2018 Ford F-150 Raptor In Motion

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