No, This Koenigsegg One:1 Didn't Sell For $10 Million Dollars

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Don't believe everything you see on Instagram.

The last time we saw this Koenigsegg One:1 it was being sold by Miami's Prestige Imports for a cool $5 million. Now here it is again on the Instagram account of Auto Art, a Chicago-area custom shop. Why is this news? Because, Auto Art's post claims that this One:1 is a $10 million dollar car. The complete text of its post is as follows: 11/11 | One One / One:1. I guess you can say we have reached "that" status when you are the 'ONE' chosen to work on the $10 Million Dollar Koenigsegg One:1."

When this car was being sold for $5 million we called it a good deal. At $10 million we'd have a hard time saying the same thing. The One:1 is an amazing machine and only a handful exist in the world, but the most one has ever been listed for is $6 million. To us this price seemed too good to be true, so we decided to do some digging. We called Prestige Imports and learned that the car was no longer on the lot. Apparently its owner had taken it back to Geneva in an attempt to sell it. It's possible the owner did indeed sell it privately and quietly in Geneva…but what sounds more possible is that the Auto Art, or whoever runs its social media account, exaggerated the price.

Actually, what sounds more realistic is that the owner bragged about the price of the supercar, which in turn inspired the shop to brag about working on such an expensive machine. To be fair the Auto Art has every right to brag on social media about working on a Koenigsegg One:1, even one that didn't sell for $10 million. If we ever changed the oil on one of these things or checked the tire pressure you can be damn sure we'd write up an article and film a video. Also, if you can prove that this One:1 did indeed change hands for $10 million please drop us a line at

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