No Two Ford Bronco Dealers Will Look The Same

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These showrooms are proof of how special the Bronco is to Ford.

Unless you've purchased something exotic like a Ferrari or Bentley, most dealership visits are thought of as simply a means of viewing, buying, or servicing your vehicle. It's not always a special, personalized experience; it's merely a functional one. But Ford wants to create a more memorable experience with dedicated Ford Bronco showrooms for the wildly popular SUV.

We've seen what some of these showrooms could look like in earlier proposals to Ford from the dealers themselves, complete with built-in fireplaces and accessories like tents displayed on the walls, and now we have new information about just how flexible these dedicated Bronco spaces will be from one dealer to the next.

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About 100 dealers had committed to having these standalone Bronco stores at their locations or upgrading their current showrooms by April, qualifying them for more Bronco allocations depending on the extent of the upgrades. No two of these Bronco-only facilities need to look exactly the same.

"We offer a whole range of what [the dealers] can do, everything that we call a pylon to the parts wall for accessories and the display for the Bronco," said Mark Grueber, Bronco brand chief. "Some dealers are even converting their existing facilities, like their used car building or something else of that sort. And then there's a few that are going one step further and are building a whole new facility or building for that."

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This unique Bronco program remains optional for dealerships; they can continue to sell or service Broncos at their existing facilities if they wish. While there is room for each dealership to get creative, they still need to adhere to specific Ford guidelines and have their Bronco stores approved by the manufacturer.

Although the new Ford Bronco has been plagued by production delays and a few early quality control issues, the reception to the rugged SUV remains overwhelmingly positive. With dedicated Bronco stores, the enjoyment of this Jeep Wrangler rival will begin long before you take it for its first drive and should encourage more fans to visit the dealerships participating in the program.

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