No US Bound Lancia Ypsilon

In 2009, the Fiat and Chrysler leaderships had discussed and revealed plans for the US launch of a compact model based on the Lancia Delta in 2012, and a separate Chrysler-badge version of the Lancia Ypsilon in 2013. Plans don't always go the way we think and that's what happened with the automakers in this instance. At the New York Auto Show, Chrysler and Lancia stated that the Ypsilon-based Chrysler model is not coming to the US. The reason: it's too similar to the Fiat 500.

The other US planned Lancia is the Delta that was showed off at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show with Chrysler badges. Even though it was received well, Chrysler says that the project is "under review" ... indefinitely. The silver lining is that Dodge may get the car. Dodge confirmed that the automaker will get a compact car to replace the Caliber that will be very fuel-efficient and will use a Fiat-sourced four-cylinder engine.

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