No Volkswagen Polo R

The R designation is always worth of covering when Volkswagen decides to bestow it to one of its models. Usually, every time the German automaker plans to launch such a version, fans get into a frenzy and line up to buy or test one. Unfortunately for those fans, none of these two options will be available when it comes to the Polo R. The reason is because VW won't even produce a high-performance version of the Polo besides the GTI.

A recent report states that the price of a potential Polo R is the main deterrent for the decision, especially since VW would have to price the R between the Polo GTI and Golf GTI. However, it was only in October 2010 when it was rumored that the Polo R would come to fruition, but now Volkswagen insists that it will address the subject in greater detail at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

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