Noble Finally Builds The Topless M600 Speedster Supercar

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Nothing like an old-school supercar without its top.

Now this is something we haven't received any updates on for a while. It was back in June, 2013 when Noble teased us with its M600 Speedster. At the time, the UK-based boutique supercar builder's managing director made clear the car hadn't been built yet, but the project itself was feasible. Noble has now made good on that with its new topless M600. Official details aren't available at the moment, but thanks to the crew at Jalopnik we can bring you these M600 Speedster prototype photos that were taken last week at the Autosport Show.

What we know is that the Yamaha twin-turbo V8 with 650 horsepower remains the engine of choice. The prototype car also features a flappy paddle gearbox as opposed to a conventional six-speed manual. There appears to be just a simple removable roof panel as opposed to a folding (and heavy) hard top. Word also has it that production will commence this summer, but we're still waiting to receive official word from Noble itself. For now enjoy the photos.

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