Noble M600 CarbonSport Debuts at Autosport

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For an extra £30,000, you can get your £200,000 Noble M600 lacquered in bare carbon fiber.

With 650 horsepower coming from its mid-mounted 4.4-liter turbo V8 and a chassis designed by handling guru Lee Noble, the M600 is one formidable beast of a sportscar. But the one you'll want is the new CarbonSport, which Noble has just revealed at the Autosport International racecar show in Birmingham, England. Rather than painting the M600 as Noble does with most examples built to date, the CarbonSport is distinguished by its bare carbon-fiber bodywork.

Of course leaving the weave exposed means that the panels need to be perfectly joined (not unlike wood-grain veneer), which means that the Noble M600 CarbonSport commands a £30,000 premium over the £200,000 "base" model. For that extra bit of cash, you also get a fully customized interior. Since announcing the availability of the CarbonSport, Noble reports that the last three M600s it has built have been so specified. Whatever the trim or paint finish, the M600 is capable of some serious performance, with 60 mph arriving in just 3.8 seconds, topping out at 225 mph.

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