Noble Reveals New Road-Friendly M500 Supercar At Goodwood

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After eight years, Noble is back with a new supercar.

Even though it was never sold in the US, the Noble M600 gained notoriety through various appearances on global shows like Top Gear. It has been eight years since the M600 came along to challenge the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini with its 650-horsepower Yamaha-built V8. Noble is back at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 with a new supercar called the M500. As the name suggests, the M500 will be less extreme than the M600, and focus on being a more road-friendly supercar.

Unlike the M600, the M500 won't use a V8 engine. In a sign of the times, the M500 will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 from Ford, similar to what is used in the F-150 and GT. The car will produce around 550 hp, sent out to rear-wheel drive through a dual-clutch automatic. This will be a far cry from the M600, which was a fire-breathing manual supercar that was often compared to a modern day Ferrari F40. The M500 being shown at Goodwood is not a working prototype, but rather a full-scale model without an interior. The design was penned by Noble's company director, Peter Boutwood.

Boutwood has clearly taken some inspiration from modern supercars, as the M500 features flying buttresses like the Ford GT. Noble says the car is still in development, and won't reach production until at least 2019. Since the M500 isn't as powerful as the M600, it should undercut the old car's nearly $400,000 price tag by a considerable margin. Noble is dedicated to keeping the M500 close to the M600's 2,755-lb curb weight, though the more comfortable ethos could bring weight up. We're interested to see if Noble will bring this supercar Stateside, since we never got the M600.

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