Noble's Founder Wants To Stuff The Ford Raptor's V6 Into A Tiny Track Car

Track Car

Because the BAC Mono needs more competition.

Lee Noble, founder of the UK supercar company that bears his name, has just announced he’s planning to launch a new lineup of cars, beginning with a 515 hp per ton track terror called the Exile. Set to compete head-on with the likes of the BAC Mono, the news comes to us from Autocar, who claims that Noble, who left Noble Automotive back in 2009, wants the Exile to launch by the end of the year. Power will come from a Ford-sourced twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 – the very same engine that powers the new Ford F-150 Raptor.

The above power output figure means it’ll have just 10 hp less than the BAC Mono. Top speed is estimated to be between 180-190 mph. Zero to 60 mph should happen in the 2.4-2.9 second range, which would not only put the Exile in "McLaren territory," but also make it one of the fastest-accelerating cars on the market. Plans are also being drawn up to take the Exile to the Nurburgring, but that’s still a little ways out. Like the BAC Mono, the Exile is being designed as a street-legal track car, with lots of lightweight body panels made mostly from carbon fiber. In other words, minimalism is key, as is the case with the BAC Mono and other likely rivals, such as the Ariel Atom and KTM K-Bow.

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Autocar also claims the final mid-engine design has been set, with a design that allows for the roof panel to be removed and stored under the hood. Once the production-ready Exile is doing its thing on road and track, Mr. Noble is planning a follow-up model: either a hardcore track version or a more road-friendly one, depending on what the market demands. Production, not surprisingly, will be very limited for the Exile. Expect only 15-20 cars per year.