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Nobody Outside Of The US Cares About Chevy

Foreign buyers don't see Chevy as Americans see it.

A few months ago GM announced that it will soon drop the Chevrolet brand entirely in Europe, with the Corvette being the sole exception. Opel (and the UK’s Vauxhall) will be GM’s bread and butter brand instead. However, GM would really like to see Chevy become its mainstream label in emerging markets such as China, Eastern Europe, and South America. Thing is, those markets aren’t too keen on Chevy. Take China for instance.

Chevy is the seventh-best selling brand there, but it has consistently sold far less cars than fellow GM brands Buick and Cadillac. So what’s causing this problem? Solid competition, plain and simple. Both Ford and Volkswagen have very strong global operations and each has snagged a foothold in the very markets GM wants Chevy to dominate. Chevy cars have dramatically improved in recent years, but the brand lags an essential element overseas that Americans have long known it for: value. And the bulk of buyers in those emerging countries are seeking good value for their money. Sadly, Chevy isn't the brand that comes to mind.

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