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Nobody Wanted To Buy This Incomplete Tesla Model S Stretch Limo

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Still 10 percent left to do and no warranty? Can't imagine why.

Last year we learned about the existence of the Tesla Model S stretch limousine. More precisely, it was a work in progress. The fabricators, California-based Big Limos, claimed it was building the world's first Tesla limo, and immediately we wanted to learn more about the challenges of slicing a car in a half that has a massive battery in its floor. The 2015 Model S 85 has apparently turned out to be more trouble than it's worth. It was recently posted for sale on eBay, but there was a catch: it was only 90 percent complete.

The remaining 10 percent, specifics of which were not mentioned in the ad, need to be handled by either the buyer or, for an additional fee, Big Limos themselves. With just 150 original miles on its clock, the Model S at first cost $100,000 and then who knows how much extra for the fabrication and labor.

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But it all must have been just too much for the company to handle. Maybe they depleted the project budget? Perhaps they simply got tired of it and wanted to move on to other things. Who knows. But here's what we do know: the auction ended on December 22 without a buyer. In fact, not a single bid was placed. Buying an incomplete pure EV limo without a warranty for more than six figures? We can see why some aren't interested. Then again, in the right hands, the world's only known Tesla Model S limo, once completed, is something we'd very much like to see one day.