Nobody Will Be Dumb Enough To Fall For This Bogus BMW E30

Face it, the seller is a smartass.

Here’s the thing about online classifieds: they can be complete scams. In fact, anything for sale in any sort of publication could potentially be complete bullshit. Sometimes the so-called "seller" tries his or her best to hide their bad intentions. Other times, not so much. Take this guy, for example, from Orange County, California. He posted an advert to sell his "Black E30" on Craigslist for $3,500, or best offer. OK, sounds interesting enough. But then you click on the ad and you’ll get the joke.

The car’s condition? Supposedly "excellent" because it was "garage kept". Oh, and there are new wheels and tires. Interior? "10/10." Surprising Craigslist hasn’t removed this yet but it’s only a matter of time. Aside from the scam artists, there are still a few smartasses out there.

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