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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Has A Toilet In His Limo

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This is how dictators like to roll.

Those fortunate enough to be able to afford a new luxury car are often faced with expensive options such as a panoramic sunroof or perhaps some carbon fiber trim to make it look a bit special. Some may go even further and add bespoke items from aftermarket specialists, but surely even the wealthiest individuals would stop at adding an actual toilet to the equipment list. Or would they? It appears that North Korea's secretive leader, Kim Jong Un demands that a porta-potty ride shotgun with him wherever he travels.

Now we know why so many of his personal bodyguards prefer to run next to his limo instead of riding inside. This rather private piece of info was provided by Lee Yun-keol who worked in a North Korean Guard Command unit before defecting to South Korea in 2005. It may seem strange at first but there is some method in the madness, as Kim Jong Un's bodily excretions may contain information about his medical condition that they don't want falling into the wrong hands. This is not as far-fetched as you may think. According to a report in the Ellensburg Daily Record the CIA has attempted to collect fecal facts from world leaders in the past.

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We don't yet know exactly which vehicle in Kim Jong's motorcade is best avoided after a large state luncheon but his regime is particularly fond of Mercedes luxury sedans so a retrofitted S-Class with a flushing royal throne may well be among his fleet. The existence of this four-wheeled outhouse does contradict an official biography of the late Kim Jong Il which stated that none of the royal family actually went to the toilet. The toilet car may mean that Kim Jong Un's lifelong constipation may be nearing an end, in which case we may need to be concerned about a totally different kind of WMD from North Korea.