Norway is Now Officially Tesla-Land

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The $110,000 Model S is the best-selling car in the country.

Norwegians apparently have a thing for electric vehicles, with the Scandinavian country sporting the highest per-capita ratio of EVs in the world. But what's really amazing is that local buyers are flocking to Tesla stores, buying more Model Ss than any other model – electric or fuel-powered. Last month, Tesla's luxury sedan was the best-selling model in Norway, outselling all Ford models sold in the country combined. With over 20,000 EVs on Norway's roads, 1,493 were Model Ss bought in March.

Electric Vehicle buyers in Norway enjoy a host of legislative benefits: EVs are exempt from purchase taxes, annual road tax, parking fees and tolls. Even so, the Tesla, which starts at $110,000 in Norway, managed to outsell cheaper electric offerings, including the Nissan Leaf. Take that, New Jersey.

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