Norway Wants Teslas And The Toyota Mirai Only By 2025?


It's called banning all gas-powered cars.

A few weeks ago we learned that Paris is planning to ban all non-electric cars once per month from its famous venue des Champs-Elysees. This rate will probably increase over time. Paris also wants to ban all diesel-powered vehicles completely by 2020. Expect to see other European cities enact similar laws in the near future. But what about entire countries? Could they ban non-electric vehicles, too? Yep, and Norway wants to be the first to do just that.

According to Motor Trend, citing Norwegian daily Dagens Næringsliv, the Scandinavian country wants to ban all gas-powered vehicles by 2025. It's not 100 percent certain this will actually happen, as the country's four major political parties will debating the issue, but the report indicates an agreement of some sort has been reached. Ironically, Norway also happens to be one of the world's main oil exporters. But if this becomes law, only electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be allowed. That's actually not so far-fetched, considering Norway already has the highest per-capita ratio of EVs in the world. The Tesla Model S, for example, has previously been the country's best-selling EV, despite its high price tag.

EV buyers also enjoy a number of legislative benefits, such as an exemption from purchase taxes, annual road tax, parking fees and tolls. We wouldn't be surprised to see the new Toyota Mirai, a state-of-the-art hydrogen vehicle whose only emissions are water, also become quite popular among Norwegians as well. And, not to mention, the upcoming Tesla Model 3. If Norway does ban all gas-powered vehicles in less than a decade, will other countries follow its lead? Don't be surprised if this is the start of a new trend.

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