Norwegian Teenager Loses License Less Than An Hour After Passing His Driving Test


Yes, that did escalate quickly.

An 18-year-old may have just set a new record for the quickest time to lose a driver's license. According to the Norwegian news site Tromso, the teenager passed his driving test at 9:00 A.M. only to be caught speeding at 9.58 A.M. He was clocked doing 84 kph (52 mph) in a 50 kph (31 mph) zone. As a result he lost his license. When it comes to speeding, Norway does not mess around. As you'd expect it's a bit tough to mine more details about the story as we only have Google Translate to go off of.

Apparently the length of time the license is revoked for is undetermined, and what's more is that the kid will need to test again if he wants his license back. According to SpeedingEurope, a site billing itself as "the almost complete list on European reactions to speeding," doing 84 kph in a 50 kph zone means a loss of driving privileges for between six and nine months. What's more is that this kid could also be subjected to a heavy fine of potentially over 800 Euros ($900). The punishment may be magnified due to the driver's age; teenagers in the US face stiffer penalties for traffic violations than adults. Either way it seems like this kid is screwed to a degree. But on the bright side he has a pretty cool story to tell. And no, he wasn't driving a Lamborghini.

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