Not Enough People Are Buying Cadillac ELRs


Perhaps it has something to do with its $76k price tag.

Should we be in the least bit surprised that Cadillac is not selling as many ELRs as it had hoped? Not really. Did Cadillac expect people to flock to its dealers just to buy a luxury version of the Chevrolet Volt, minus the rear doors? Yes, it did. In an effort to make up for the slow sales, Cadillac is now reportedly discounting the ELR by as much as $8,000. It retails at $76,000. There are even a few Caddie dealerships in Florida, Maryland, and Texas that are offering discounts of up to $12,000-$14,000.

That's in addition to any federal or state tax breaks for fuel efficient vehicles that have yet to be factored in. According to Autoblog Green, Cadillac sold only 400 ELRs in the first half of this year. Only 97 units were sold last month nationwide. Just to compare, Tesla sells roughly that same number of Model S sedans in a single day. So aside from cutting the ELR's price with various incentives, what else can be done to attract more buyers? That's the question Cadillac is still trying to answer.

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