Not Even A Formula One Driver Can Get Cheap Insurance On A McLaren 650S


Maybe this young F1 driver had too many speeding tickets?

One of the perks of driving for McLaren in Formula One is that you get a company car. Of course McLaren doesn't really do slow, so the company car is guaranteed to kick ass. Unfortunately ex-McLaren driver Kevin Magnussen never got to take delivery of his 650S. He spoke out about not getting his company car this week, saying he had picked "the color, the wheels, the interior, everything." His teammate at the time, Jenson Button, got his own 650S. So why didn't the Danish driver get his?

A McLaren team spokesman said the issue came down to insurance. Seriously! The spokesman relayed the official word on why Magnussen couldn't get his car to the Danish paper (he's from Denmark) Ekstra Bladet. "It is true that McLaren makes company cars available for its two drivers. Jenson Button had one without difficulty, but because Kevin Magnussen is so young, it was difficult to find an insurance policy that would cover it for a reasonable amount of money." Apparently the team never stopped searching for that policy, though. Ironically enough by the time one that was affordable was found Magnussen had left McLaren. He currently drives for Renault. Hopefully he's in a GT-R.

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