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Not Even Canada Can Save The Chevrolet Impala

Sedan / 26 Comments

It's a joke how many were sold there late last year.

It seems General Motors made the right call a few months ago when it announced the Chevrolet Impala will soon be discontinued, along with a few other slow-selling models. But the Impala, in particular, is not selling well. The fourth quarter 2018 sales figures make this loud and clear.

GM Authority looked at global Impala sales figures, which include those from the US, Canada, and South Korea, and the findings are pretty dismal. In the US, Impala sales dropped by nearly 50 percent compared to the same time the year prior. South Korea didn't fare much better with a 43 percent drop. Meanwhile in Canada, Impala sales actually increased by nearly 26 percent. Sounds good, right? Well, not really. That increase translated to just 517 units in total.

The end of December 2017 saw only 411 units sold. So much for Canada's contribution. Sales for all full-size mainstream (meaning not luxury) sedans were down for 2018 with one sole exception: the Toyota Avalon. Compared to 217, its sales increased by a little over 3 percent. Another bad sign of the Impala's growing unpopularity is that even the aging and also soon to be dropped Ford Taurus suffered only a 13.65 percent sales drop from 2017 to 2018.

The Nissan Maxima, however, could also be in real trouble because its 2018 sales plummeted by 37 percent compared to 2017. Good thing that mid-cycle refresh just arrived, but it's still too early to tell whether Nissan will redesign the Maxima when the time comes. But the Impala is nearly finished and judging by these latest sales figures, it's easy to understand why GM made its decision.

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With that in mind, now is probably a great time to buy or lease a new 2019 Impala. We checked the Chevrolet USA website for any deals or incentives, but none are being advertised at the moment. Still, 2019 will reportedly be the Impala's final model year and dealerships are probably already anxious to make space on its lots for new crossovers and trucks in place of sedans.