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Not Even Musk Knew The 2020 Tesla Roadster Could Look This Good

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Video whets our appetites even more for the forthcoming electric supercar.

With the revelation of the new Roadster, there's little doubt that Tesla is developing an eminently capable electric vehicle – one that will leave its predecessor way behind, and the competition along with it. But it's also a rather slick design. Just look at this latest video.

Called "A Tale of Light," the video was produced by The Yazuki. The Japanese studio has demonstrated no estrangement from automotive design in its past work, portraying the likes of the Mercedes S-Class and Porsche 918 Spyder. And it has another on the controversially styled McLaren Senna soon to follow.

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This latest work captures one of the most hotly anticipated new vehicles in the pipeline. Building on Tesla's (by now) vast experience with the previous Roadster and the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 that have followed, the new electric supercar promises certifiably epic specifications. With three electric motors and a 200-kWh battery pack, it'll run to 60 from a standstill in under two seconds, cover the quarter-mile in under nine, and top out over 250 mph. All the while it will be able to travel 620 miles between charges.

It's enough to have the supercar establishment second-guessing their own capabilities. And its price, though nowhere near the seven figures being charged for some of the latest hypercars, will positively dwarf anything Tesla has offered to date. We're told to expect a base price of $200,000 when the new Roadster launches a little over a year from now. Given Tesla's track record to date, and the otherworldly specifications, we won't be surprised when that gets pushed back. But then we doubt any of that will matter once it's in owners' hands and out on the road, turning heads as it has ours in this clip.