Not Even The General Lee Is Safe From America's Confederate Flag Backlash

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Is this over the top or about damn time?

We recently talked about how the Confederate flag could get banned from being displayed on trucks. That's possible to an extent, as many states are now moving to keep the flag off of license plates. The plates are issued by the state but trucks are privately owned, which means the flag will likely stay so long as the owner wants it there. One place the flag will be disappearing from for good is the General Lee, at least in toy form. The pop culture icon will no longer wear the Stars and Bars.

Yahoo Autos! is reporting that Warner Bros. is revoking the licensing rights for the General Lee. That means there will be no more die-cast or model cars for sale. Fans may hate the decision but many online retailers are pulling sales of Confederate flag-branded merchandise so it makes sense as a business move and as a publicity stunt.

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