Not Even The Mighty R34 GT-R Can Avoid Wrecking At The Nurburgring

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Tourist days, man.

Everyone knows that the Nurburgring earned its fame from racing, but nowadays the bills are paid in large part by open track sessions. These allow weekend (and weekday) warriors to tear up the famed track in their own cars or rentals cars. Now the drivers in these sessions are not the best, as this video proves. Yes, even the mighty R34 Nissan GT-R is no match for The Green Hell. A bout of understeer heading into a turn caused this Godzilla to head off the track and spin straight into a wall.

We can't tell from the video but it seems like the driver is alright, assuming he's one of the three men next to the battered GT-R. Check out the video here to see the crash in all its infamy. We won't judge if you look away.

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As an added bonus we also have video that shows what happened after the GT-R wrecked. Unfortunately the car wasn't able to drive off the track and had to be towed off on a flatbed. Here's hoping that repair bill isn't too high.

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