Not Even The Mighty US Military Is Immune To Automotive Fails

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If only the news cameras weren't rolling...

The United States military is currently taking part in Operation Trident Juncture, a massive exercise featuring a ton of countries and their respective equipment. The exercise is happening in Portugal, Spain and Italy (it's Europe's Jade Helm!). Unfortunately the Americans got into a spot of trouble while landing a Humvee on a beach. The scene looks pretty badass, with troops scattered about the beach and two hovercrafts just hanging out. However, it gets funny when you realize that the Humvee in the center of the shot is stuck in the sand.

What makes this a fail is that a news crew was at the beach and captured the whole thing, stuck Humvee, pushing and all. This is pretty embarrassing, but at least they didn't get a Pagani stuck on the beach! Photo credits: Reuters.

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