Not Much Left Of Cody Loveland's Pikes Peak NSX

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An unfortunate end to an awesome car, but at least the driver is ok.

In a testament to the effectiveness of modern racing safety equipment, Cody Loveland actually walked away from the lump of wreckage you see here. This lump was formerly a 1,000-horsepower Corvette-engined NSX built especially for the Pikes Peak hill climb, although the modifications were considerably more extensive than a simple engine swap. The completed car barely even resembled an NSX, although it was a damn sight closer than it is now.

The accident wasn't caused by sloppy driving, but rather a mechanical failure. Loveland says the rear upper control arm failed and sent him tumbling over the boulders. The car was already on fire by the time he got out, and though he has a bit of singed facial hair, he is otherwise fine. The car would continue to burn for another three minutes, which basically explains the current state of it. We're all very relieved that Loveland is OK and we wish him a speedy return to racing.

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